When my daughter and I moved to Michigan from North Carolina in July of 2013 we left behind an amazing dance studio and dynamic instructors. I knew if I could find an instructor that would help my daughter to continue her love for dance it would also help with the transition of the move. Since dancing with Mitch my daughter has continued to develop her passion for hip hop dance and grown in her abilities. Mitch is able to develop a strong bond with his students which allow them to trust his instruction. His choreography is unique and ever changing based on the abilities of the students. My daughter loves that Mitch is such a talented dancer himself, so not only does he give verbal instructions but he leads his classes by example, demonstrating each and every move. When my daughter comes out of class dripping with sweat she says, “Mom I never worked so hard and I love it”


Mitch Joseph has been a huge inspiration to my daughter Rosie. Her love of hip hop dance has grown since Mitch has been her instructor and it shows! He pushes her to be at her best 100% of the time and to never doubt her abilities as a dancer. You can feel the positive energy the minute you walk into his studio. He is professional on every level. Not only is he teaching Rosie to be a great dancer, he is teaching herpositive life skills to love who she is as a person! We could ntt ask for a better instructor/role model for our daughter! 


Mitch Joseph has been our daughter Kendra’s dance choreographer/instructor for two years now. We are very pleased with the professionalism, and quality of Mitch’s teaching. Mitch’s high energy choreography has challenged and pushed Kendra to new limits. Mitch not only teaches choreography but he also teaches how to be a great performer, through character, facial expressions and stamina; he choreographs a dance, places the student in their roll, and teaches them how to bring the song to life through technique. Kendra has also learned through Mitch the importance of being a team player; he teaches his students how to dance together as a team, but without losing their individuality. Mitch has given Kendra many great opportunities to grow as a dancer through advanced instructional Master classes, promotional videos, and photo shoots. Mitch has helped mold Kendra into the great, self confident, dancer she is today! We are looking forward to the continuous support and instruction Mitch will give Kendra over the next few years.