Co Created by Choreographer Mitch Joseph and daughter Reese Joseph, The MJ Dance Program supplies any dance teacher in your studio with all the tools needed to run an educational and profitable hip hop dance program. Using our class syllabus will give your students key fundamental hip hop basics that ultimately enhances not only their hip hop skills, but their all-around dance abilities. 


Mitch believes that the key to building strong dancers is in building their confidence. “When we develop the dancer’s confidence, then their performance ability also increases.” Providing dancers with a strong foundation of the fundamentals will ensure that they learn how to dance and just learn a dance".

MJ Dance also supplements the syllabus by providing teachers with weekly access to three levels of choreography tutorials, technique video tutorials that break down key hip hop dance styles, a library of clean music recommendations you can use for warm up, freestyle, across the floor, and more! This reduces prep time, increases fun and enrollment, and also ensures consistent growth and development  in hip hop skill levels.


Now your studio can have a hip hop dance program that you're proud of!  Using your estabilished and trusted staff, you will grow your students, your enrollment, your reputation, and your bottom line!